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Global warming seems to be rising day by day where in depletion of resources are adding up to the trouble, Its time now for us to save our mother earth from this distress. The only way out is to minimize wastage by making use of renewable energy and recycled materials. We at Keshav Enterprise are acting as a change agent lending a helping hand to reduce global warming through our unique technology.

Keshav Enterprise has come up with a concept of setting a new standard in renewable energy that includes use of waste tires as a raw material in producing green fuel oil, carbon black steel and Gas.


  • Totally Indian Plan
  • Hazardous waste is utilized to convert into useful Energy
  • Chemical ingredients free process
  • Wastage tyre recycling technology
  • Economically valuable product output
  • Plant effectiveness in all rubber based material
  • Easy availability of Raw material (waste tyre/rubber)
  • Each recycled ton of tire preserves large amount of CO2 that is a major greenhouse gas
  • Production gives alternative of costly source of energy like petroleum products and natural gas
  • Eco friendly plant gives benefit to environment and other way government to reduce hazardous waste
  • Plant is totally maintenance free
  • Oil from waste tyre machine manufacturer
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